.30 or .50 Cal Lockable Ammunition Tin - 100% NEW Product

Size: .30 Cal
Sale price$39.99


Army Style Metal Ammo Boxs.
2 sizes available to suit .30 Cal & .50 Cal ammo.
Full fold over style pad lockable latch and carry swing loop.
Keep ammo safe and dry with the Outdoor Outfitters Army Style Metal Storage Box.
Traditionally used by soldiers and hunters to keep gunpowder, ammo, hand grenades etc., protected and dry, this Metal Storage Box can also be used in the basement to store fragile collections, in the shop to organise tools and hardware, or while camping to keep food away from animals and safe from the weather.
Even use for storage ideas like First Aid Kits, and personal items that you need to keep protected, air tight
and dry.
This Metal Storage Box is constructed of heavy gauge steel so it will stand up to use and abuse.
A rubber 0-ring is included in the lid, making the box water resistant and locking mechanism that makes the seal air tight.
The flat fold lid and handle makes the Metal Box easy to store and stack.
The generous size can hold hundreds of ammo rounds or other items, and the fully hinged lid makes removing the contents easy too.

  • Use to store ammo and other fragile goods
  • Air tight locking mechanism
  • O-ring fitted lid keeps contents dry and protected
  • Waterproof and secure.
  • Items inside remain safe and dry.
  • Hinged fold flat lid and handle makes the box easy to store and stack
  • Lid clamps on tightly.
  • Hasp installed
  • Metal attachment for padlock loop
  • Great for tools, ammo and other heavy items.

.30 Calibre

  • Length: 260mm
  • Height: 160mm
  • Depth: 90mm
  • Code 230014

.50 Calibre

  • Length: 305mm
  • Height: 155mm
  • Depth: 190mm
  • Code 230010


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