12 Volt – 1300mA Battery Charger (Perfect Decoy - Spotlight Battery Charger)

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The perfect low cost compact 12 volt charger for your decoy / Spotlight battery.
1,300mA Charger with a cutoff of 400mA.
Insulated alligator clips for multi designed - variety of battery terminals.
LED charging indicator status light Red Charging, Green Charged.


  • Insulated battery clamps enable it to be used for a wide variety of battery terminals 
  • Powerful 1.0 amp maximum charger rate, 12v
  • Bright red light when charging which changes to green when the battery is charged 
  • This battery charger has a low enough charge rate for all small 12V decoy or spotlight batteries.
  • Input; 230v AC
  • Hertz; 50 - 60Hz
  • Voltage; 12 Volt
  • Output; 1300mA
  • Cutoff; 400mA


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