Tactical Electronic Protective Earmuffs 21db From HunterCo

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Stylish Lightweight pair of Electronic Earmuffs with NRR21db rating.

Anti-Noise Protection for your shooting experience or wherever you want hearing protection.

Ear protection for shooting is crucial for guarding against the extremely dangerous noises that weapons produce.

Every single gun shot has the potential to cause permanent hearing damage.

Whether you’re a casual shooter or seasoned veteran, Craftys have an extensive range of ear plugs and ear muffs to suit your needs .


  • Suitable for both shooter and hunter.
  • Independent electronic circuit on both cups for high performance.
  • Dual knobs for on / off and volume,
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Low Profile Design
  • Soft padded headband that is super comfortable.
  • Fully Foldable - Compact
  • Soft Padded ABS Ear Cups


  • NRR21db rating.
  • Powered by: 4x 1.5v AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Fold Size: 111012cm
  • Earmuff Size: 9*11cm
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Package Size: 151023cm
  • Colour: Black

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