Paracord Handled Machete With Flint (Fire Starter) & Machete Sheath - Paracuda FS

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With a sturdy, 3 mm-thick stainless steel blade that’s flexible yet strong the UST ParaCuda FS Machete is ideal for cutting away overgrown brush, gathering firewood, maintaining trails, and more.
The handle is wrapped in orange paracord for a secure grip, and it can be unwound (over 9 feet) for emergencies.
The blade has a black oxide coating for rust resistance.

Included is a magnesium fire starter with a protective sheath and a paracord-wrapped  handle that provides a secure grip and unwraps to over 274cm of paracord.

The 11-inch (279mm) straight edge blade swells near the tip for a rounded end that adds more weight to your cuts, and the blade features an 
aggressive sawback for easy sawing of both wet or dry wood.

Machettes are one of the more useful edged tools in the world.
They have cleared brush, and blazed trails, have chopped wood, made shelters, harvested crops, prepared meals, hunted and protected.
Careful attention has been given to the Ultimate Survival Technologies - UST -  Machete to make sure that the weight was right and the handle is sure grip.
Whip it through the air and hear it sing.

  • Strong, flexible machete for clearing brush and trails while camping, backpacking, hunting, and more
  • 3mm-thick blade is flexible, but can handle tough jobs
  • 11-inch straight edge blade with aggressive sawback for easy sawing of both wet or dry wood; black oxide coating for rust resistance
  • Wrapped handle can be unwound to provide over 9 feet (2.7 meter) of paracord
  • Magnesium fire starter included inside protective sheath
  • 3mm Thick Stainless Steel Blade
  • Machete Edge Blade
  • Saw Tooth Back Edge of Blade
  • Black Oxide Finish, reduces rust & protects blade.
  • 11" Blade
  • Over 9 Feet (2.7 meter) of Paracord
  • Paracord Handle Wrap Provides Sure Grip
  • Machete (Paracuda FS) LxWxD: 16.3" x 2" x 1" (414 x 51 x 25mm)
  • Weight ParaCuda Only – 10.4 oz. (295g); 
  • ParaCuda FS in Sheath – LxWxD: 17" x 3" x 1.25" (432 x 76 x 32mm)
  • ParaCuda in Sheath – 14.8 oz. (420g)
  • Protective Sheath Holds Machete & Fire Starter (Belt Loop)

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