Meat, Paua or Berley Mincer, Wheel Model No. 32W

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No. 32W Meat Mincer,
Our Meat Mincers Have gone through the test of practical use.
Have been proved for Their best Quality".

Employing advanced Tin - Plating Technology over Cast Iron Body, our hand operated meat mincers are distinguished for their beautiful shape, bright and smooth surface, and simple and rational structure.

Extremely easy to use and is built sturdily to withstand heavy-duty operation.
Perfect for use on fishing vessels and the fishing industry, at home, food preparation areas or anywhere minced fish or meat processing is needed.
This large mincer dismantles easily so you can clean it thoroughly.
Heavy Duty Meat and Berley Mincer #32 can be operated manually by cranking the wheel by hand.
Alternatively, it can be powered with an electric motor when used with a v-belt pulley.
This big beast of a mincer will make quick work of things to give you enough berley for big jobs!
Easy and handy to use, suitable for use in homes, bach's, canteens and restaurants, in processing various kinds of meats, fruit and jams etc.
All parts can be easily assembled and taken apart for cleaning. - With cross and plate blade
Meets Food Hygiene Requirements

Processing various kinds of minced meat and fruit jam

  • Heavy-duty
  • Makes berley in large quantities
  • Minces up most fish, bones and also shells
  • Large size
  • #32
  • Opening: approx. 150mm across
  • Length: approx. 250mm
  • Can be worked by hand or motorised


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