LimbSaver® Kodiak Air Sling Muddy Girl® Camo Design, with Quick Detach

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Considered by many to be the best sling ever made, the all-new Limbsaver® Kodiak Lite sling is always rated at the top of the pack.
Made from our own proprietary material, NAVCOM, it is as rugged and tough as you need it to be.

The integrated hand grip, quick clips, load distributing profile, and non-slip texture makes this sling one of the most sought-after designs on the market.

Lightweight contour design with integrated NAVCOM hand grip.
Non-slip ridges insures the firearm stays put. 3-D self-balancing swivel system designed to self-balance the sling to any angle of shoulder contour.
Ambidextrous design.
Made in the USA.


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