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Great design and made right here in New Zealand Break Out Sinkers, BOS, Break Away Sinkers, whatever you call them they are just awesome.

The BOS Breakout Sinker is an innovative sinker for today’s fishermen.
These unique NZ Made Breakaway Sinkers are designed to allow its four individual grips to be precisely tensioned on the hard-wearing head. Essentially this gives you a sinker with great grip into the sand and little chance of getting snagged.

The BOS Breakout Sinker was designed to prevent fishing tackle loss, the concept is simple, the prongs on the sinker are designed to drive into the sand fixing your sinker to the spot.


  • 4x adjustable stainless steel wires that pivot
  • Streamline shape, perfect for casting long distances
  • Weight Forward , long casting design
  • Long Tail Sinker
  • Spring Hard Stainless Wire
  • Torpedo sinker shape
  • Longer stainless steel shaft
  • Comes in 4 different sizes: 3oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz
  • 10x sinker per pack
  • Length: 13cm
  • Circumference: 7cm
  • Made in New Zealand

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