28" Wooden Arrows Packet of 3 By Man Kung Archery of Taiwan

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Packet of 3 Wooden Arrows, complete with Nocks and Inserts Installed.
Arrow hardwood to complement your outfit of medieval archer.
Arrow features a lightweight 29" (8mm Diameter) Wooden shaft that provides swift speed and hard impact.
Steel tip.
The fletching is durable and has indication colours.
Nock precision is a half-moon curve end design.
Package Includes: 3 Hunting Crossbow Arrows

  • 28"
  • 8mm Diameter
  • Wooden Shaft
  • Steel Point
  • Designed to be light weight and accurate
  • Synthetic Fletching
  • Packet of 3 Arrows

These Arrow / Bolts are Original MAN KUNG Mfg. of Taiwan and are better grade arrows and ARE NOT the low quality China made generics found elsewhere.
There is NO COMPARISON, REAL Man Kung Arrows are getting really hard to find, due to everybody pushing the low-cost China copies, as Man Kung!
- Real Man Kung Arrows, WILL look exactly like the picture above and will say made in Taiwan. 
The copies, obviously say CHINA!

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